Fine Art

Fine Art is a gallery of fine art pieces produced over a decade of time. After dabbling in oils for a number of years, I was ready to take art a little more seriously, and so took a course in Equestrian Art at Niagara College here in Southern Ontario. The positive feedback I received encouraged me to dip my brush into acrylic paints, and challenged me to move towards different subject matter, including pets.

As my skills hone, I endeavour to accomplish landscapes in high realism, as well as the ultimate challenge: human portraiture.

Join me on this adventure!

Rustic Birch on pine

Rustic birch trees on pine

Nothing says northern hardwood mixed forest like a white paper birch!

This pieces, Birch trees on pine, was so much fun to paint, and a wonderful addition to your rustic decor!

Pieces can be custom made to any size, to fit any space.

Contact me for a custom quote.


Rustic Owl on reclaimed cedar

This owl just has that look in his if he can see right into your soul.

Acrylics on reclaimed cedar planks.

This piece has sold.

Abstract Horse

Abstract Acrylic Horse Painting

Abstract Horse

Free flowing and full of colour, this is a departure from my usual style of High Realism. 

This was a pleasure to paint!

Acrylics on pine panel.

10 X 18"

$85.00 CAD

Black Bear

North American Black Bear

Black Bear

This piece was a start into my offerings for Canada's 150th Birthday.

I am working on a selection of native wildlife pieces for that True North Cottage and Rustic home decor style.

Acrylics on reclaimed Barn Board. 8 X 12"

This piece is sold, and on its way to Calgary, Alberta.


Fjord Horses, acrylic on birch
  • Acrylic on panel

This painting was inspired by a photo taken by my daughter when she was around 15 years old, using a very basic digital camera. She has such an eye for photography! The Fjords were owned by friends, and their field was right next to our house. Who can reisit their floppy mop manes and curious nature? 

This is an original painting. Acrylic on birch. 20 x 24" Gallery depth. 


Dream Horse

Dream Horse acrylic painting
  • Acrylic on panel

This piece was a step outside of my comfort zone! I'm usually more of a realist, but this piece was a lot of fun as it forced my to give up that control and let the paint flow!

For sale: $295 CAD

Lucy Kitten

  • Acrylic on panel

This is a painting of my own cat, Lucy, when she was a kitten. The way the light hits her face makes this painting jump off the panel! I experimented with using a sand to give texture to the fur, and to allow light to reflect off it to make it more 'furry'. Acrylic on panel, 11 x 14”.


  • Acrylic on panel

This piece was custom painted for a friend, her horse all groomed and braided, competing at a local show. I really loved doing this piece, because I know the horse and was able to catch her personality in the painting. Acrylic on panel, 11 x 14”.

Black Beauty

  • Acrylic on panel

This image is from a photograph taken by my daughter Lisa. This is a Rocky Mountain Horse named Jade that was at a barn I boarded my own horse at. It has a very artistic appeal. Acrylic on panel, 11 x 14”.

A Day's Work

  • Acrylic on panel

This picture had a lovely hard-working Belgian in it, but the back ground was very busy and competed with the horse. The solution: I went out into my back woods and took pictures of my own rocks and trees and used those references to create a better, more serene back ground. I loved the results! This painting is acrylic on panel, 16 x 20”

Arabian Mare and Foal

  • Oil on canvas board

This piece is oil on canvas board, 16 x 20”. I completed this piece while taking an art course at Niagara College (Niagara-on-the-Lake, On) under the tutelage of Michael Heslop. It was the piece that started me on my art career.

Riding Red

  • Oil on canvas board

This is a painting of me riding my Thoroughbred “Devilish Prospect”, better known as “Red”. The photo for it was taken by my daughter, Lisa, who has a gift for photography. It is one of my earlier works. Oil paints on canvas board, 11 x 14”

An Evening's Pause

  • Oil on canvas board

This lovely foal caught my eye and the way the light was falling on it, well, I just had to paint it! Oil on canvas board, 11 x 14”

Spring Freedom

  • Oil on canvas board

The movement in this piece was what made me want to paint it. Feel the exuberance and freedom of running through the fields after a long winter of being indoors! I can just smell the fresh spring air! Oil on canvas board, 11x 14”

Arabian Stallion

  • Oil on panel

This is a picture of an Arab stallion that was standing stud at a barn I worked. These animals are so proud! I love the refinement of the face! Oil on panel, 8 x 10”