It Takes a Community...

Angela Vuyk Art Show

Ever feel alone?

Not in the sense of not having people around you, because I have lots; husband, kids, grandkids, church friends and family.

I mean, more of a sense of being alone in your ideas, your desires, especially relating to your creativity. 

Just like old times....

Knitting, Alpaca wool, Rowan Knitting Magazine

It is summer.

Hot, sticky, humid.  And dry as a bone. The Good Lord knows that we need rain, badly! Seven weeks with barely a sprinkling of rain and the ground is parched; the crops, pretty well written off. Thankfully, here at Ironwood Farm we have two wells to service the livetock and the house, and up till now, we have had plenty with which to water my massive vegetable bed. All the little trees we've planted are being babied along as well. But honestly, it is the end of June and I am sick of watering already! And no rain in the long term forecast.

The Lady in Red

Viceroy home, cedar siding, Sansin stain colours

We're going BOLD!

Well, my husband thinks we are.

I've been wanting to do this for years! It is time.

A number of years ago, we rented a cottage near Sharbot Lake, Ontario for a week. We had recently moved to our farm property, and I had ideas spinning in my head about all the things that needed to be done and the myriad of possibilites and directions to go in. Right next to the rental was a cottage painted a deep red with a taupe/beige trim. I was in love.

To Be or not To Be....Minimalist

farmhouse style, family room, rustic, traditional, vintage, decor style


There seems to have been a lot of recent blog posts about being minimalist your deocr style, your wardrobe, even your house size. And, though I am not a trendy type of person, I kind of like this idea.

After all, I've always been a chucker.

Yep, ask my husband and kids. If it sat around too long, unused, it went into the donation bag or got sold in a garage sale. (Of course, that was back in the day....before we had Kijiji and Facebook buy and sell groups).

Getting Caught

forest, creation, moss, stumps

Are you getting caught?

I know I am....

Caught up in the busyness of business. My creative side at the Cottage Shed. My part-time sales job. My responsibilities here at Ironwood Farm. Then there is also the black hole of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

April Fools! Well, a little late....

Gardening, plants, seeds, snow, winter

Well, let's all have a good laugh!

Did you really think it was spring? Fooled ya. Do you see the snow on the ground? Want to know why?

Because I've been itching to get my green thumb in gear!

The Struggle is Real. .....Really???

kitchen cupboards, to paint or not?

Is it?

I mean REALLY?

Oh, I have wanted to update my kitchen as long as we have lived at Ironwood Farm....that is 5 years now. Or would that actually be a 'downdate'? I mean, after all, I want to take my 90's oak kitchen and make it look like something from the turn of the centruy. You know, farmhouse style.

The Best Laid Plans....

trim, cottage, carpentry, design, farmhouse, style


Don't you love how life always gets in the way? I mean, throws you that little curve ball, just to keep you on your toes!

Unexpected things come up. All. The. Time.

Welcome to the farm! Obstacle number 107....

We Bought the Farm...

Dexter cattle,Ironwood Farm, rustic sign, chickens

I grew up in a suburban neighbourhood in Stoney Creek, and I pretty well figured that the stork had brought me to the wrong house. I mean, animal loving 'me' lived in the city, but my shopping loving cousins got to live on a dairy farm. NOT fair.