About the Artist

I can not remember a time when being creative was not an option. Even at a young age I was always drawing, and animals were my favourite subject. Being raised in the city and the only girl amongst three boys, the country life and the animals belonging to it was a dream that I could only make come alive with paper and pencil.

My children now grown and horses living in my own barn, the passion for animals and my creativity have come together in a love of preserving these beloved friends on canvas. Working originally in oil paints on canvas board, and moving to acrylics on panel, I enjoy the demanding task of bringing these companions to life in a style known as high realism. I am predominantly a self-taught artist, and I've appreciated the help and advice received from fellow local artists. As a result, I have grown in my understanding of both the medium and the technical aspects of this creative outlet, producing one-of-a-kind likenesses of our four-legged friends.

Located in rural Niagara, in the very heart of wine country, I am inspired by the beauty of the natural world outside my studio window: forests and fields, deer and horses, and the ever-changing rhythm of the seasons. I feel a connection to the land and the animals that live on it, both wild and domestic. From the aloofness of my Thoroughbred gelding, to the cat that wraps around my legs as I walk in the barn door, each creature is different; and my goal is to capture that individual character in the paintings I create.

People love their four legged companions. Whether they ride horses, cuddle kittens, or play ball with their dogs, the passion is the same. The connection with our patient friends calms us, soothes away life's hectic pace, and gives us a fresh outlook for our daily living. Custom portraits are a way to immortalize this passion and friendship in a time honoured manner that is more formal and more profound than a photo.  My hope is to allow people to own a hand painted portrait of their beloved equine partner or family pet that is both beautiful and affordable, keeping all the wonderful memories alive for a lifetime.

Angela Vuyk