Commissions and Pricing


Portraits are done from your photos and are sent to me digitally by e-mail as high resolution jpeg files. Alternately, original photos can be sent through the mail, compiled digitally on a CD or as hard copy prints.

Prints should be no smaller than 4"x6" - if they are larger, that is even better.

If you send more than one photo you should indicate which pose you prefer. Sending more than one photo is encouraged, if only for additional references such as colour. If the colours vary between the photos, please indicate which photo has the more accurate colour representation.

All photos and any other materials provided to me will be returned with the finished painting.

Fully Sketched and Painted

Once I have suitable references to work from, I will discuss with you what I feel is the best way to set up the portrait. Due to the unique factors that go into creating each portrait, prices will vary. 

All portraits are fully hand drawn before the painting process begins. It takes many hours to do a full drawing and the painting time varies with the sizes and complexity of the piece. I do not rush the work, as I want to make as accurate a rendition as I can, and as a result, the time it takes to complete a piece will vary: anywhere from 30 to 100 hours. Paintings are done on MDF panel with acrylic paint, varnished with a UV protective finish, and delivered unframed.

I will keep you informed by e-mailing you pictures as the process goes along. I welcome any input you can give me to help make your portrait the best it can be. I will also put my progress on my facebook art page so others can follow along, too.

A full colour portrait can take up to 10 weeks to complete; therefore, orders for Christmas delivery should be made by October 1.

Prices and Sizes:

I will quote a price to you based on materials, complexity of the image, and the size you've requested before any work begins. The following fees are the base point for each size.

Full colour acrylic paintings begin at:   

  • 8”x10” - $295.00
  • 11”x14” - $495.00
  • 16”x20” - $695.00

Prices do not include shipping or applicable taxes.


You own your painting, however Angela Vuyk owns the copyright and reserves the right to use photos of your pieces on her printed promotional materials and various web applications. Your painting cannot be reproduced in any way without the written agreement of Angela Vuyk.