To Be or not To Be....Minimalist

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There seems to have been a lot of recent blog posts about being minimalist your deocr style, your wardrobe, even your house size. And, though I am not a trendy type of person, I kind of like this idea.

After all, I've always been a chucker.

Yep, ask my husband and kids. If it sat around too long, unused, it went into the donation bag or got sold in a garage sale. (Of course, that was back in the day....before we had Kijiji and Facebook buy and sell groups).

My son remembers well a particular pair of work boots. He used them for tree planting during his college years, and when he came home, they got parked outside the basement door in the garage. And there they sat. He went back to school. There they sat. He got a summer job hours away and he was gone. And there they sat.

The were dirty and well worn. Dusty. Spiders had made loving homes in them. Toads visited them....


Chucked 'em.

He was not impressed when he got married and decided he needed them again.


My bad!

Oh, and I am itching to toss suits! My husband was an office goer and needed suits for work every day, but that was six years ago...and two dozen or more suits sit in plastic covers in the various closets around the house. Taking up space.

Valuable space in our little house/cottage. I want so badly to just (you guessed it!)...

Chuck 'em!

But I am practicing restraint. No need to start something. I am learning to let things be with his important stuff.  Only took me 31 years. Apparently I'm not a very quick learner!

I admire these minimalist wardrobes, though.

I mean, really, having only a few coordinating outfits that you absolutely love, that can be dressed up and dressed down, how great would that be? Maximum 10 hangers of clothing in that huge closet and look at all the room you'd have! It would be so easy to get dressed in the morning. You wouldn't have to decide which of the 10 blouses and 6 sweaters, 8 t-shirts (long sleeve or short?), or 4 sweatshirts would go with the 5 pairs of jeans, two khakis, and three leggings.....

Until I remember my lifestyle.

I need barn clothes that double as garden clothes for the work I do around Ironwood Farm. I need painting clothes for my art and my Cottage Shed creations...cause, well, I'm messy.

VERY messy.

I need clothes to wear to work; I work specialty retail part-time, and we have to wear what we sell. Not all of it is suitable for the above mentioned tasks. I need clothes to go out socially (it's not like we are painting the town anymore, but hey, tea and cookies happens now and again!)...and clothes for Sunday Worship.

Hmmm....not so minimalsit, there, am I?

What about my house, my home decor style? all know I love rustic farmhouse style. Now, rustic can be minimalist, and farmhouse can be as well. But they also can be very full, with lots of collectibles, knick knacks, and vignettes artfully arranged with antiques and vintage pieces. Walls filled with age old paintings, antlers, baskets, clocks, and signs (we love signs!!).

I love area rugs over worn hardwoods, cushions and quilts draped over slip covered sofas and chairs. Benches and tables stacked with great books and gorgeous magazines, vases of fresh picked flowers, bird's nests and pinecones.


Not very minimalist in my home decor style either.

I love pretty things: things with history, pieces with sentimental value. Furniture with character flaws that could tell stories if they could talk! Give me warmth and coziness, not the cool contemporary aestheitcism of modern architecture. Give me gezelligheid, as my Dutch Grandmothers would say!

So, it seems that as much as I love to chuck, I really do love to keep. I have officially failed Minimalism 101.

That's OK, I'm good with that...

as long as I make sure that the amount I keep doesn't take over!