Getting Caught

forest, creation, moss, stumps

Are you getting caught?

I know I am....

Caught up in the busyness of business. My creative side at the Cottage Shed. My part-time sales job. My responsibilities here at Ironwood Farm. Then there is also the black hole of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

I sat down at my computer last week and caught myself being caught. The weather was gorgeous, and here I was in my little office/studio, looking at a glowing screen reading sweet nothings on facebook while God's glorious creation glowed outside my window. What was I doing that was so important? Nothing. I was doing absolutely nothing. Wasting time for no good reason. Getting nothing constructive or edifying done.


I turned it all off. I left my little 10' x10' room, put on my hiking shoes and went out an wandered the little piece of heaven that is my home; Ironwood Farm. 

The breath of fresh spring air, and the cool, crisp breeze lifted my spirits. As I walked further in the bush, I noticed the beauty of the still-sleeping bush yawning, stretching and groaning as it struggled to wake up for the growing season. Trout lilies were emerging, little yellow daisy-like flowers were sprinkled here and there. The frogs in our pond were chortling and croaking up a storm, so much so that it was almost deafening! As I stepped on a twig and snapped it, all of a sudden, in unison it was dead quiet! Amazing. 

I noticed the texture in the old stumps, riddled with bug holes. Soft, fluffy fibre slowlyt breaking down. The beauty of the birch bark on a fallen log. The soft greens of the moss growin underfoot and on the rocks around me.

And so I was refreshed. Renewed. Ready to pick up my work. 

I am also determined...

Determined not to get so caught up in my busy-ness so as not to enjoy God's creation. To take time for aprreciating the real world around me. The people in my life, the family I love.

A pretty Instagram shot, a status update on facebook. Is this your world? It was mine. But I have decided that it is not enough. I feel that we have lost the connection to eachother, real connection. Face to face connection; my face to the real world...not the arificial world on the glowing screen. I remember the days when you had to actually call and talk to someone to find out how they are doing. People don't bother anymore because...well...

They are too busy online. Caught.

Are you caught?