Just like old times....

Knitting, Alpaca wool, Rowan Knitting Magazine

It is summer.

Hot, sticky, humid.  And dry as a bone. The Good Lord knows that we need rain, badly! Seven weeks with barely a sprinkling of rain and the ground is parched; the crops, pretty well written off. Thankfully, here at Ironwood Farm we have two wells to service the livetock and the house, and up till now, we have had plenty with which to water my massive vegetable bed. All the little trees we've planted are being babied along as well. But honestly, it is the end of June and I am sick of watering already! And no rain in the long term forecast.


Every critter here on the farm is lazy and snoozing in the shade of the trees that line the pastures....

So why on earth do I have the urge to knit?

This is a fall activity. Ah, yes, my favourite time of year! But no, I'm not trying to rush anything. Not really. 

I used to knit a lot. I was married at a young age, and had no car available to me. The afternoons when my babies slept were spent learning how to knit a crochet. I got quite good at it, I might add! My Dutch Beppe would be right proud of me if she still walked this earth! That woman could knit you a pair of socks or a toque  with an enormous pom-pom quicker than the blink of an eye. No Pattern necessary. Totally off the top of her head... yep, that was an intended pun! 

But I wanted to do more than just plain socks, hats, and mittens. Beehive  and Astra became my friends. Then I found Phildar. Even later I found Classic Elite.  Intricate patterns with lots of colour, yet classic lines. I got books from the library, and fell in love with the crazy busy patterns of Kaffe Fassette. Talk about a challenge! I haven't even tried one of his patterns...I just simply have admired his artistry.

The feel of the fabric that magically appeared off the end of my needles fascinated me. The fact that I could create fabric out of what is essentially string.

So. Cool.

And it still fascinates me! This past winter I happened upon a little shop in Jordan, Ontario, just a hop, skip, and a jump from home. A quaint old house full of quilting fabrics and wool simply called Stitch ( www.stitchonline.ca ), they supply all your knitting needs and have a drop in evening on Friday nights through the winter months. In it I found a beautfiul turquoise Alpaca wool, and bought two skeins with which to make a cowl to ward off the winter chill. I started it, just did not quite finish. 

Until today. :)

Then last week, during my usual round of errands in town, I managed to score a few knitting magazines at my local Bibles for Missions Thrift Store. Even though they dated from the late 80's and early 90's, I have found my newest pattern love...Rowan. 

What a score at 25 cents each! And you know, what goes around comes around, and some of these styles are coming back in! We did, if you remember, wear leggings back in the 80's. 

Yep. This is an old trend, young ladies!

Plus, after all, design is design, whether painted, photographed, arranged, or crafted! With the weather so hot and humid, I am OK with sitting in my air conditioned house with a ball of wool and some needles on my lap, creating...pulling out...creating some more. (Just like riding a bike, no?) And Christamas is coming. And I have lots of grand babies who might like a trendy, knitted sweater made 'just for them' by their favourite Oma!

Oh my, did I just commit to knitting nine wee sweaters???

 As my friend Cathy Dalton used to say,

"Just like old times!"