The Lady in Red

Viceroy home, cedar siding, Sansin stain colours

We're going BOLD!

Well, my husband thinks we are.

I've been wanting to do this for years! It is time.

A number of years ago, we rented a cottage near Sharbot Lake, Ontario for a week. We had recently moved to our farm property, and I had ideas spinning in my head about all the things that needed to be done and the myriad of possibilites and directions to go in. Right next to the rental was a cottage painted a deep red with a taupe/beige trim. I was in love.

My husband, not so much. "RED????"

As a matter of fact, I got the tilted head, the raised eyebrows, the little speech about how much work this would be. The maintenance  involved. The tone implied this-is-out-of-the-question. Period.


So, despite saying that the exterior needs to be done a.s.a.p., it did not. So many other things needed to be done first. And second. And third.

Finally, it is time. It is the summer for exterior upgrading! Big plans have been we do everything ourselves. And I say 'we' as a collective term that actually means 'he', because who am I kidding?? I am not stripping and sanding and all that. Not house sized! I do the furniture, the signs...that is my niche. Houses? I will happily pick colours and direct the crew-of-one, but that is a man-sized  job. I'm ok with letting him do it...perfectly fine, thank you!

Our home is a cedar sided Viceroy Home. Very common in cottage country, this home style is manufactured in 'kits' and then assembled on site. If you have ever travelled north, you'd see the building plant and sales locations along the highway. But there are a few of these homes around our southern Ontario neck of the woods. 

Two elevations of the home have been touched up over the years, the front has been semi-stripped and re-done by the previous owner with -gulp- a different stain colour (not loving the orange!), and the final side facing the barn has never been touched. In almost 40 years. It is time!

So, don't you know, Hubby says to me, in his casual off-hand way, "If we go with a colour...".  Whoa! Did I hear what I think I just heard??? I jumped on that one. 

"I'd go red."

He responded with, "Hmmm."

We had already replaced a wall of windows on the north elevattion last year. Since we had to order custom sizes anyway, and the house was cedar (orangey/brown), white was just a little too in-your-face. We custom ordered the exterior cladding to be Hickory, an nice taupey/beige that looks great with the cedar (and red). I was thinking ahead :).

He has now warmed up to the idea of red. We drove past a board and batten clad ranch style house on the weekend that was an orangey-red with taupe trim and a charcoal grey steel roof. It was lovely! A little too orange for my taste, but the combination worked really well.

So my colour charts are out. Which tone of red with be the one?  This is a big decision. This is going to last a very long time. We are no longer spring chickens. The twenty year old that chats in my head is not the one that I see in the mirror every morning. We won't be stripping and re-staining in 10 years with a new colour. We will be maintaining with touch ups. 

We are planning on using a product from a company called Sansin ( Have a gander at their colour options. Sweet! It is a toss up between Heritage Red 92 or Muskoka Red 88 in the Ultra-Saturated line. 

And guess who wants the bolder Muskoka??? Mr. Conservative, Mr. I-like-the-natural-cedar-colour.

Go figure.

I can't stop singing the Chris De Burgh song. If you had your teen years in the 80's, you can sing along!

"The lady in red, she's dancing with me!"