Just like old times....

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It is summer.

Hot, sticky, humid.  And dry as a bone. The Good Lord knows that we need rain, badly! Seven weeks with barely a sprinkling of rain and the ground is parched; the crops, pretty well written off. Thankfully, here at Ironwood Farm we have two wells to service the livetock and the house, and up till now, we have had plenty with which to water my massive vegetable bed. All the little trees we've planted are being babied along as well. But honestly, it is the end of June and I am sick of watering already! And no rain in the long term forecast.

The Struggle is Real. .....Really???

kitchen cupboards, to paint or not?

Is it?

I mean REALLY?

Oh, I have wanted to update my kitchen as long as we have lived at Ironwood Farm....that is 5 years now. Or would that actually be a 'downdate'? I mean, after all, I want to take my 90's oak kitchen and make it look like something from the turn of the centruy. You know, farmhouse style.

The Best Laid Plans....

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Don't you love how life always gets in the way? I mean, throws you that little curve ball, just to keep you on your toes!

Unexpected things come up. All. The. Time.

Welcome to the farm! Obstacle number 107....

Art or Academic Exercise?

I was excited to see the mail delivery truck today. On it was my package, just ordered two days ago (Amazon Prime, you rock!). What did I order? Books on calligraphy, handwriting, paper, and a dip pen and ink. On top of that, I scored a package of replacement cartridges for my 30 year old Sheaffer fountain pen in a tiny office supply store in the next town. 

What is this new 'thing' I'm on to? Hand lettering, fine writing, and calligraphy. I want to be a penman. As in fine Penmanship. As in, beautiful and artistic writing. 

Broad Strokes and Big Brushes

Chalk painted writing secretary


It is a way to express yourself; your feelings, your appreciation of the world around you, and your style. It can take many forms, use different mediums and media. It is art. It is design. 

I have taken up a larger paintbrush recently, and anything that doesn't move has gotten a coat of paint. I love transforming things! I love taking the old and unloved, the ugly and forgotten, and turning it into a treasure.

Furniture, wood shelves. Old barn boards, skids.