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To Be or not To Be....Minimalist

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There seems to have been a lot of recent blog posts about being minimalist lately...in your deocr style, your wardrobe, even your house size. And, though I am not a trendy type of person, I kind of like this idea.

After all, I've always been a chucker.

Yep, ask my husband and kids. If it sat around too long, unused, it went into the donation bag or got sold in a garage sale. (Of course, that was back in the day....before we had Kijiji and Facebook buy and sell groups).

Broad Strokes and Big Brushes

Chalk painted writing secretary


It is a way to express yourself; your feelings, your appreciation of the world around you, and your style. It can take many forms, use different mediums and media. It is art. It is design. 

I have taken up a larger paintbrush recently, and anything that doesn't move has gotten a coat of paint. I love transforming things! I love taking the old and unloved, the ugly and forgotten, and turning it into a treasure.

Furniture, wood shelves. Old barn boards, skids.