To Be or not To Be....Minimalist

farmhouse style, family room, rustic, traditional, vintage, decor style


There seems to have been a lot of recent blog posts about being minimalist your deocr style, your wardrobe, even your house size. And, though I am not a trendy type of person, I kind of like this idea.

After all, I've always been a chucker.

Yep, ask my husband and kids. If it sat around too long, unused, it went into the donation bag or got sold in a garage sale. (Of course, that was back in the day....before we had Kijiji and Facebook buy and sell groups).

The Struggle is Real. .....Really???

kitchen cupboards, to paint or not?

Is it?

I mean REALLY?

Oh, I have wanted to update my kitchen as long as we have lived at Ironwood Farm....that is 5 years now. Or would that actually be a 'downdate'? I mean, after all, I want to take my 90's oak kitchen and make it look like something from the turn of the centruy. You know, farmhouse style.

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign....

vintage, farmhouse, rustic, signs


I am really enjoying creating these. Why? Because each is unique. I love to use anything old, vintage, rustice, or classic...and I can do all of this with signs! 

Some have been custom designed for a customer based on a specific room in which it is to be hung. Others have been done 'just for fun', and have quickly found homes.